Playing darts at home has its own advantages but poking holes and scratching your wall is not one of them. There are some times when people miss the dartboard, even the best players do so sometimes and that can lead to darts hitting the wall. It is quite common. But dart tips can cause some major manage to your walls especially if they are steel tips. Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce the amount of damage you cause to your walls due to stray darts.

Here are some ideas to help you prevent wall damages from dart throws:

  • Use a dartboard surround

A dartboard surround is a great way to protect your walls and dartboard tips from getting damaged. A dartboard surround is a foam ring that is positioned around your dartboard which provides additional cover around it from dart throws that miss the board by a bit. You can install it within a few seconds and take it off when you are not playing. The best part is your floor is also protected from dart tips since a stray dart will stick to the foam and not fall off after the hit.

  • Use a dartboard cabinet

A good dartboard cabinet has its own benefits and one of them is protection from stray darts damaging your walls. This is something most dart lovers aspire to invest in. It is a compact and neat set up that stays on the wall while adding the bar vibe to any place. It may not be able to provide protection like the dartboard surround but it sure protects from stray darts to a great extent especially due to the cabinet doors. If you invest in a big cabinet, the protection you enjoy is also bigger.

You can easily purchase a dartboard cabinet or dartboard surround from a reliable online store that offers dartboard equipment and accessories. Your love for the game should not be hampered by small inconveniences such as wall damage. Therefore invest in any one of these and enjoy your beloved game without interruptions and stress.