Every owner in the industrial finishing and cutting business has come across problems caused by burring. Burrs are caused by general wear of smooth machinery parts and are causing tiny areas of damage. Over time these burrs are having a negative effect on your production line and the quality of your products. The metallic burrs can be sharp and eventually cause corrosion and static discharge. The burr problem has to be solved before any major machinery damage is caused. Maybe has buying a sheet metal deburring machine already crossed your mind?


We from Q-fin are very aware of the problems caused by burring and the negative effect on the production line. That’s why our experts have developed several deburring machines to help you out. For example, our sheet metal deburring machine is available in both manual and automatic versions. It grinds out the imperfections of your damaged machinery parts causing a rough surface to a smooth and solid finish again. Investing in a deburring machine will provide a fast and efficient solution to keep a stable production of high quality products over time. For more information about our different deburring machines or advice in selecting the best deburring machine for your company, please contact our experienced Q-fin team.