Leasing is an appealing option when you want to get IPv4 addresses. The cost of ownership is considerably less than buying address blocks. As the demand and supply gap for IPv4 continues to grow, it helps when you know where to look. Prefix Broker is a trusted service for IPv4 address space lease services. We can assist you with the renting process, ensuring that you get the right address blocks for your needs. Leasing eliminates many of the intricacies of changing address ownership. However, it doesn’t hurt to have experts walk you through the process.

IPv4 address space lease

How It Works

When you put in the request or quote for address blocks, we confirm that the provider has the authorisation to sell IPv4 space. We also conduct prequalification checks on ISPs to verify ownership of the addresses. Define your leasing period, and we will negotiate favourable arrangements with the provider. We will help you work out issues such as the price, corresponding laws and lease duration. The provider is responsible for routing the traffic via the rented address. Prefix Broker can handle all the necessary payments for you IPv4 address space lease. We have a notary to guarantee that all transactions are legitimate and safe.

We are RIPE NCC certified brokers of IPv4 addresses and, therefore, can help clients with the different transactions involved in leasing IPv4.